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Thank you! for purchsing our StreamBRIDGE, StreamBRIDGE is hight quality 5-Port network switch that specially design for music streaming System.


1. Power Strip Show StreamBRIDGE AC power input.

2. AC Input Plug the supplied power cord into this connector and plug the other end into electrical outlet.

3. LAN Ports Plug LAN Cable from Router IN and OUT to your audio system gear.

4. Power Indicator LED Show Status of network controlled board.



Type:                5-port Gigabit Network Switch

Clock:               TCXO with Low Noise

Power Supply:    Power Supply Ultra Linear Power Supply

Power Consumption: 10 Watts

AC Requirements:     220-230V /50Hz

Dimension(W x H x D): 206 x 50 x 126 mm.

Weight:   1.2 Kgs,1.7 Kgs with Packing